Ability Games Pvt Ltd announces acquisition of Ahmedabad based Game Development Company

Ability Games Pvt Ltd announces acquisition of Ahmedabad based Game Development Company

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Kolkata, Aug 12: Ability Games Pvt Ltd has acquired a stake in Ahmedabad based IT development company, Yudiz Solutions Private Limited.

Headquartered in Kolkata, Ability Games Pvt Ltd is among the leading gaming company and owner of successful gaming sites such as 11wickets.com , Pokerlion.com and sports information portal, Sports.info .Ability Games have acquired undisclosed stakes in the company for an undisclosed amount.

The acquisition, effective immediately, will enable Ability Games to expand their growth and develop interesting games in-house.

Ability Games has a mission to revolutionize the online gaming industry of India with various online real money and play money gaming products.

A young team of energetic dreamers and hard-working people at the company is going through the journey of offering various online games in the genre of fantasy sports, sports news & information portal and poker.

The company serves a large base of online gaming users throughout the nation through its variety of products.

“This is a strategic acquisition on part of Ability Games, keeping in view the future growth prospect of the company. We will now be covering various line of products in real money gaming, play money gaming and various sports information, said Navneet Makharia, Director, Ability Games Private Limited. “Now all our products will be developed in-house and we will work on 100% proprietary soft wares.”

With an IT team of 220 people, Yudiz Solutions Private Limited is working on various websites, game development and mobile app development including Wearables and Virtual Reality (VR).

The qualified and experienced designer and developers contribute to create industry benchmarks in different niche areas including custom apps, business apps, web apps, game apps and much more.

The online gaming industry is thriving with the growing appetite for online games of Indian users.

The increase in the use of mobile phones, smart phones, advance technology, superb digital payment gateway infrastructure and cheaper network has been the root cause of the expansion of the gaming industry in India.

Ability Game has been established in 2017. With three of its products in the market and many others in the pipeline, the company has already become the second largest fantasy platform in Indian market.

The recent acquisition of Yudiz will give it the scope for improvement of the existing products as well as bring innovative gaming products for the gaming audience.

Indian gaming industry is expected to grow and Ability Games is going to be the proud participant in that. More and more companies are coming up with different online gaming features, helping this industry in India worth billions in the near future. (UNI)