3rd year of ‘Great-Yuva’ Waterproof Machine celebrated

3rd year of ‘Great-Yuva’ Waterproof Machine celebrated

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New Delhi, Aug 11 : Taneja Great Industries LLP’s 'Great-Yuva' Waterproof Machine celebrated its third Anniversary with the launch of more innovative welding machines range.

Great-Yuva presented its Yuva PR Series- the more advanced and updated waterproof, dust proof and Chemical proof welding machines were unveiled. On the occasion on Saturday, Founder- Director Taneja Great Industries LLP Manoj Taneja said, ''We take pride in sharing that we are the only Indian manufacturers of Welding machines that have not only come up with waterproof machine but provide a guarantee of one year. We have been bringing such machines into the market for the past three years and never once have we received any complaints.

''Yet, we offer a replacement in case there ever arise a problem with regards to manufacturing or functioning of these machines. Unlike other welding machines in the market ours can be used at two level voltage settings-High and Low.''

The company has also recently signed in famous Bollywood actor Gulshan Grover as its brand ambassador, who had graced the event also as its Chief Guest. (UNI)