Genomelabs launches 5 Wellness products

Genomelabs launches 5 Wellness products

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Hyderabad, Aug4: To enable people to better cope with the demands of health, fitness and wellness in today’s fast-paced, stress-filled environment, Hyderabad-based Genomelabs, which has blended traditional knowledge with the latest scientific breakthroughs, launched five wellness products here on Saturday.

Uncompromising quality, reliable sourcing and compliance with the highest food safety standards was ensured through partnerships with globally renowned names such as ILHWA Co. Ltd., South Korea; Ixoreal Biomed, USA; Bivalyos Tanya KFT, Hungary; New Zealand Honey Company.

Speaking on the occasion, Genomelabs Bio Private Ltd, Ashok Kumar Desu, said, ''We are a young entrant in the healthcare sector, focused on enhancing the physical wellbeing and quality of life of individuals by offering a unique portfolio of products. Our aim is to harness the ancient knowledge of nature’s power, through modern science, and provide holistic wellness and nutrition to everyone in all walks of life''.
''At Genomelabs, we conduct cutting edge R&D, to create innovative Natural Food & Dietary Supplements that significantly contribute to a healthier life to consumers'', he added.

The wellness products which launched were Super Herb, which comprises of 100 per cent organic herbal teas, immunity-boosting capsules and health inducing chewy gummies; Super Diet, comprising variety of 100 per cent organic seeds and cold-pressed oils, serve to strengthen the body from within; Floney which lays out a spread of the world’s rarest honeys, harvested from the most exotic locations – Hungary and New Zealand; Hi-Volt, protein enriched supplement unleashes energy to make workouts more effective through faster muscle recovery, building mass and fuelling performance and Ginst, which is the result of four decades of R&D, contains a fermenting enzyme that allows ginseng to be absorbed faster, making it 15 times more effective than any other in the world.

All the products were available online and also at selected supermarkets and stores across the city. (UNI)