We are the highest GST paid company in Telangana and AP : MEIL on raids

We are the highest GST paid company in Telangana and AP : MEIL on raids

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Hyderabad, Jul 20 : Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited (MEIL) on Saturday said it is the highest GST paid company in both Telugu states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh since the past two years.

MEIL has given the clarification in the wake of an English newspaper published that the GST officials had carried out raids on MEIL, the company in a statement here said, it always follow the stringent rules and regulations of the tax laws.

The Company paid more than Rs 3,000 crore GST since the law came into force. As a fast growing and successful infra company in the country the intention of the company was always to comply with tax laws. This sort of fake news is affecting the growing companies, which contributing employment and also wealth and payment to the exchequer.

In the recent past, the misinformation about the regulator bodies raids on MEIL is circulating without any cross-checking the facts. This false and fake information is creating confusion and dilemma in genuine journalists who cover the corporates in the state. The people follow and actively participate in social media are also easily convincing, as they are maliciously written to woo the readers and media persons.

Publishing false information very prominently shows the degradation of journalistic ethical values. Although there is no truth in it, a lot of imaginary things have been woven around it. Publishing news without evidence shows the malicious intentions of certain people, the statement said.

The GST raids news is an attempt to create unnecessary harassment by the English daily newspaper. The MEIL is preparing to take legal action against the English daily to avoid such kite-flying news, the statement added. (UNI)