Amway India strengthens its Nutrition portfolio

Amway India strengthens its Nutrition portfolio

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Kolkata, Jul 18 : Amway India, the country’s largest FMCG direct selling company, has announced the launch of the enhanced version of the calcium supplement - Nutrilite Cal Mag D Plus.

Coming from selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand- Nutrilite, the new calcium supplement provides essential nutrition to support and maintain healthy bones when taken as part of a well-balanced diet. In addition to the calcium from the rich algal source along with calcium carbonate and double the amount of vitamin D that promotes calcium absorption, Nutrilite Cal Mag D Plus also consists of nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, and zinc making it more effective.

With the promise to bring The Best of Nature and The Best of Science, Nutrilite Cal Mag D Plus is packed with one of nature’s most concentrated botanical sources of calcium i.e. the algal source which is harvested from the sea of Iceland. Unlike traditional rock calcium like calcium carbonate or calcium citrate, algae calcium is plant-based, nutrient-rich and a natural multimineral ingredient that comes from a sustainable source.

Besides strengthening and maintaining healthy bones and teeth, calcium supports other vital functions such as nerve transmission, critical metabolic and cardiovascular functions, while vitamin D is critical nutrients required for calcium absorption and & normal function of the immune system. Magnesium and Zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, in addition Zinc helps maintaining the immune system. Manganese supports the normal formation of connective tissue.

Talking about the need for calcium supplementation Dr. Kevin Gellenbeck, Senior Research Scientist, Nutrilite Health Institute, Amway, said, “Our current lifestyle which includes less exposure to the sun, irregular eating habits, and junk food preference in the daily diet can lead to a shortfall in essential nutrients required by the body. Calcium is one of the key micronutrients that is needed to support important functions in the human body that goes beyond just healthy bones and teeth. While food is the best source, a high-quality dietary supplement can help fill the nutrient gap in our modern diet.” (UNI)