Huawei planning layoffs in US

Huawei planning layoffs in US

Agency News

Chinese telecom giant Huawei  is planning extensive layoffs in the United States  as the company grapples with its US blacklisting, it has been reported.

The layoffs are expected to affect jobs at Huawei’s US-based research and development subsidiary Futurewei Technologies, which employs about 850 people in research labs across the US.

The layoffs could be in the hundreds, one person said. Huawei’s Chinese employees in the US were being given an option to return home and stay with the company. Some employees have already been notified of their dismissal, while more planned job cuts could be announced soon.

Huawei declined to comment. After the US Commerce Department decided to put the company on its so-called entity list, Futurewei employees have faced restrictions to communicate with their colleagues in Huawei’s home offices in China.