65 pc North Indians not equipped to check home safety threats

65 pc North Indians not equipped to check home safety threats

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New Delhi, Jul 14 : At least 65 percent of people in North India are not prepared to handle home safety threats such as burglaries, robberies, among others, according to a survey.

Not only are the people from the region unprepared for home safety threats but also, only 38 per cent residents are willing to upgrade to high-tech home safety solutions, revealed the Godrej LocksS ‘Har Ghar Surakshit Report: India’s Safety Paradox – Home Safety Vs Digital Safety’, conducted by Research Now.

“Majority of people in North region do not feel confident about safety from such solutions and instead trust traditional options. However, even in traditional locks, only 36 percent of people change locks at home every year,” the report said.

The survey said while the Northern region is perceived to be traditional, a whopping 82 percent of people are aware of home safety technologies such as digital locks. Around 62 per cent do not even feel comfortable using traditional locks. Yet, they have not felt the need to adopt digital locks.

North Indians are swift in adopting other technologies, for safety, convenience and productivity. For example, 25 percent change their computer passwords and 21 percent change banking PIN’s every 2-5 months. Over 55 percent use fingerprint sensor on smartphones.

Most of the safety options that people in North India use, like the fingerprint and PIN, are also available in home safety solutions, but they lag behind in embracing such technologies, the paper said. In terms of regions, cities in the Western region of India seem to be more aware of home safety technologies, whereas, the Eastern and Northern regions seem to be trailing behind. The Southern region seems to be behind in the adoption of not just home safety technologies, but cyber-security measures as well.

‘Har Ghar Surakshit 2018 Report’ is released as part of #HarGharSurakshit, a nationwide awareness campaign by Godrej LocksS, to promote home safety across Indian homes. ( UNI )