UK-based PrimeClass to launch online digital learning classes

UK-based PrimeClass to launch online digital learning classes

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Kolhapur, Jul 12: To capitalise on the popularity of online classes and new technological innovations, UK-based PrimeClass on Thursday announced that they will shortly launch online digital learning classes in association with top industry experts from Pune.PrimeClass founder-directors Amol Dhadphale and Sudarshan Damale said in a press note here on Friday that the digital learning has made access to education easy and convenient but at the same time, this has created several challenges like low quality courses, which were often confusing and misleading.

However, PrimeClass has solved this problem by producing content from highly credible sources, they said.

They further said that PrimeClass has made online learning more interesting and easier to benefit from than traditional online courses.

The instructors, from diverse fields be it fitness, music and photography, will share their wealth of knowledge and skills with anyone who wants to learn, they said and informed that the subscribers can also enjoy the opportunity to interact with experts.Citing an example of well-known fitness expert Jitendra Chuksey's 'Health camp; Fitness PrimeClass', they said that the students will learn about a perfect mix of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle as well about the science behind the art.

Similarly, the 'Hindustani Classical' singing enthusiasts, who findIndian music soothing and soulful, will get a chance to learn from well-known singer Rahul Deshpande, they added. (UNI)