Around 47 pc of current jobs are at risk of automation by 2030: Australia professor

Around 47 pc of current jobs are at risk of automation by 2030: Australia professor

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Kakinada, Jul 5 : Professor Ravi Seethamraju from University business school, University of Sydney, Australia and Alumnus of JNTUK department of Mechanical engineering said that 47 per cent of current jobs were at the risk of automation by year 2030 and advised the students to enrich their employability skills by acquiring new technologies.

Participating as a resource person at the knowledge sharing session on the topic 'emerging technologies-Influence on business, professions and people’ organised by department of Petroleum and Petrochemical engineering at the JNTUK seminar hall here on Friday, he said technology should be integrated with medicine and business to improve the productivity and also to deal with threats of various fields. He has highlighted the positive impacts of technology like performance, costs, access and inconvenience.

"The technology will help the people to reach their goal and solve the problems. It also leads to the slope of enlightenment and paves a plateau of productivity," he added.
Prof P Subbarao Principal University College of Engineering who was the chief guest has advised the students to learn innovative things interacting with the industry experts and develop their professional skills.

He also asked them to get exposure and attain experience and explore the discoveries and inventions. "Academics alone would not be adequate but should be supplemented with the knowledge of seminars and workshops. Focus should be on outcome-based education to face the global challenges," he added.

Dr Meera Saheb Head of Mechanical engineering has coordinated the programme. Prof KV Rao programme director of Petroleum and Petro-chemical engineering, Dr A. Krishnamohan SMS programme director were among those attended.(UNI)