QNET is not a money circulation scheme: clarifies company

QNET is not a money circulation scheme: clarifies company

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New Delhi, Jul 1 : E-commerce direct selling company QNET here on Monday categorically denied having any relationship with propagation of any money circulation scheme, accepting deposits, offering a job opportunity, solicit investments or charge any registration fee from its distributors.

"QNET is an e-Commerce based direct selling company which markets a unique range of products in the categories of home care, personal care, skin care, health food supplements, watches and holiday packages. QNET abides by all rules and regulations of the Central direct selling Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs by Government of India (Issued in September 2016)," said Rishi Chandiok, Regional Director (South Asia), QNet Ltd.

"Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt. Ltd. is the sub-franchisee of QNET Ltd in India," he further stated.Products available on the company website are sold only through registered distributors. Any consumer can visit the company website to buy products of his / her choice, either as a registered distributor or as a retail customer, using a referral ID of an existing distributor of the company.

"The minimum age of becoming a QNET distributor in India is 18 years. We do not allow distributors to join the QNET business who lack the basic education background to understand the quality or efficacy of the products they purchase'', said Mr Chandiok in a statement.(UNI)