AEML launches Genius Pay Kiosks for bill payment in Mumbai

AEML launches Genius Pay Kiosks for bill payment in Mumbai

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Mumbai,Jun 26 : Energy Major, Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd (AEML) on Wednesday launched Genius Pay - a self-payment kiosk for ease of bill payment.With the launch of Genius Pay, the AEML has simplified the process of bill payments where customers will no longer have to stand in queues. Genius Pay kiosks will be placed at customer friendly locations across Mumbai and accept payment through cheque, cash, debit/credit cards.AEML will set up Genius Pay kiosks across Mumbai so that the customers can use this smart, hassle-free and interactive digital kiosk system for making instant payments at the nearest location in under 5 minutes.

Genius Pay will be accessible to customers between 7am and 11pm every day. Customers will also be able to generate duplicate copies of bills through the kiosk machines. Speaking at the announcement, an AEML Spokespersons said, ''Understanding the value of time in this fast paced lifestyle that many of us lead, Adani Electricity has decided to introduce Genius Pay kiosk systems for our customers with a view to make the experience of bill payments smart and easy. As a leading power distributing company in Mumbai, we are constantly introducing technology to offer better services to our customers and remain committed to their satisfaction.''

AEML has been constantly improving customer service through adoption of new technology. Along with this smart, hassle-free and interactive system of Genius Pay, AEML has also introduced various applications such as Chatbot, Voicebot, Whatsapp for Business, and automated IVRs for call centers to enhance customer convenience. (UNI)