MCF Rae Bareli becomes 1st Green Co Platinum rated Railway unit

MCF Rae Bareli becomes 1st Green Co Platinum rated Railway unit

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New Delhi, Jun 25: In a first, Modern Coach Factory, Rae Bareli has become the first Green Co Platinum Rated Railway Unit, amongst Railway’s several production facilities and workshops.

''Good work done by MCF, Rae Bareli, which got this title on Monday, will pave the way for establishing it as a global benchmark for Railway’s production facilities going green, thereby leaving an example for others to emulate,'' said an MCF official. GreenCo Rating is the holistic framework that evaluates companies on the environmental friendliness of their activities using life cycle approach. Implementation of GreenCo rating provides leadership and guidance to companies on how to make products, services and operations greener.

Excellent leadership from the top, the commitment from the team to 'Go Green' and the commendable efforts put in throughout the process is highly appreciated. There are several initiatives like Industry 4.0 implementation, Manufacturing of Smart Coaches, Multiple process innovations; taken by MCF, which is truly noteworthy noted by M/S CII-Godrej GBC, he added.

''Key achievements related to Green Co parameters in the last three years include Modern Coach Factory becoming the first digital factory of Railways with the implementation of INDUSTRY 4.0 with real time monitoring of our equipment for improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness and enhance availability with predictive maintenance,'' the official added.

Also, there has been 64 per cent reduction in use of fresh water consumption per coach in last three years which has been achieved with improved process, productivity and by implementation of zero discharge approach for water conservation.There are six rain water harvesting pit consisting 20 bore well in workshop and 13 rain water harvesting pit consisting of 64 bore well in township with capacity 25 L/sec per bore well. Six artificial water bodies with approx, with the capacity of 60,000 KL, has been made to collect surface runoff and use it to indirect recharge of ground water and irrigation of plantation and greeneries.

There has been 53 per cent reduction in specific energy consumption in the last three years with improved productivity, use of energy efficient fittings, and process optimisation. MCF Rae Bareli have installed Railway’s biggest solar power plant of capacity 3 MW with Project Cost 22.86 crore and it has also reduced 44 per cent CO2 Eq. Emission per coach in the last three years. Not only this, the official said with the use of e- tendering and other paperless system, there has been 54 per cent specific reduction in paper consumption.

The MCG official also told that process innovation with modification of spot welding fixture and robotic programming with reversed direction resulted in increased production from one sidewall to 2 sidewall/shift and elimination of turning activity eliminate. (UNI)