Corporate houses turn green to reduce pollution level

Corporate houses turn green to reduce pollution level

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Kolkata, June 5: One of the major problems that plagues India is fighting against pollution. According to the WHO, a whopping 9 out of 10 people on earth breathe highly polluted air and more than 80 per cent of urban dwellers have to endure outdoor pollution that exceeds health standards.

This is an alarming situation in the country. One of the main reason causing an unhealthy level of pollution in the country is unhealthy manufacturing techniques used in the factories. But with changing time, the corporate houses and startups are coming forward by opting eco-friendly options for production process.
In the recent times, terms like “Eco-Friendly” or “Going Green” have become buzz words among the mass. Corporate houses/Startups by incorporating eco-friendly practices are helping the environment.

Using of renewable energy like Biomass, Solar and Wind are helping in reducing the pollution level in the country.
Dollar Industries, one of the leading hosiery companies of the country, has been using renewable source of energy for manufacturing. They have invested five megawatt wind energy farm and a 1000 kilolitre zero liquid discharge effluent treatment plant at Tirupur (Dindigul). This helps Dollar to utilize treated water for captive use and correspondingly reduce its reliance on municipal sources.

Dollar recycle the residue that is automatically converted into cakes. Tirupur has become India’s First Textile Cluster to comply with zero liquid discharge guidelines. The Central Government has granted Tirupur the status of ‘Town of export excellence’.

McDonald’s as one of the world’s largest food stores is taking the lead in going green by incorporating various initiatives which helps in reducing their overall energy consumption.
Particularly, the company uses energy-efficient appliances thereby cutting energy wastage by 25 per cent during in their business activities.

McDonald’s have also set up green parking lots by preserving them for only hybrid vehicles. The parking lots equally have permeable concrete with the capability of recharging the vehicles and cleaning groundwater.

Furthermore, McDonald’s use considerate means to obtain their animal products so as to limit their impacts on destroying animal habitats. Eden Realty Group’s Solaris City Serampore and Solaris Joka is the Asia’s Largest & World’s Second Largest Integrated Solar Housing Project. The usage of solar power will help in green living for the residents. This is saving carbon footprints, reducing and lowering the overall maintenance cost leading to the buyers being able to saving money. (UNI)