BRPL & Oracle enters energy efficiency project in India

BRPL & Oracle enters energy efficiency project in India

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New Delhi, May 18: BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) and Oracle in partnership has undertaken a Behaviour energy efficiency programme which engage customers with personalised energy insights and targeted actions that can help them save both energy and money.

BRPL and Oracle in coordination with two lakh domestic utilities are currently testing the first territory-wide Home Energy Report (HER) programme in India.
When well-orchestrated, energy efficiency programmes impact on energy consumption patterns and help to flatten the load curve at a grid-wide scale.
A new study jointly undertaken by Oracle Utilities and Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE) examined the implications of this growth on energy availability and increased carbon emissions, as well as the potential behavioural energy efficiency programs can have on balancing supply and demand.
“While this growth in electricity demand is inevitable in light of India’s economic progress, it’s essential to consider solutions that allow electricity distribution utilities to cater to the energy requirement of the population and the economy without overloading the energy system and adding carbon and ecological footprints by embracing energy efficiency as the first fuel. This would go a long way in supporting the government to achieve India’s climate change commitments and Sustainable Development Goals,” said AEEE president and executive director Satish Kumar.

“International experience suggests that with legal, regulatory and policy support, demand-side management (DSM) programmes can offer significant opportunity to tame the rising electricity demand in the buildings sector which would help the consumers save their energy bills." “India’s aggressive growth and the resulting increase in energy demand will require deep investments in both supply and demand-side clean energy innovation in order to achieve its aggressive climate change goals,” said Marisa Uchin, vice president of global regulatory affairs Oracle Utilities.
“Energy efficiency, otherwise known as Demand Side Management, offers scalable and easily customisable programs that engage customers to become more active participants in their energy use, thus cutting both emissions and cost. These programmes, particularly those helping residential customers, are limited in India today, however, they represent a significant untapped potential for achieving grid-wide energy efficiency gains.

BRPL is currently taking a revolutionary first step in bringing these programmes to India,” added Uchin. (UNI)