LifeArc and GVK BIO celebrate decade of partnership, transforming research into life-saving medicines

LifeArc and GVK BIO celebrate decade of partnership, transforming research into life-saving medicines

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Kolkata, May 15 : GVK BIO, a leading global contract research and development organisation, and LifeArc, one of UK’s top medical research charities, have announced the tenth anniversary of a successful partnership.

The collaboration brings together two organisations with a singular vision: advancing novel research ideas into potential medicines that can make a significant difference to patients.

LifeArc’s approach involves levering partnerships with academia and leading service organizations to advance discoveries into promising medicines.

Over the past decade, its scientific teams have focused their efforts on modulating novel targets with therapeutic potential in diseases where there is patient need, with the GVK BIO team assisting in synthesising complex molecules rapidly and cost effectively to drive iterative improvement in efficacy and safety.

Promising chemical entities discovered from this partnership have been either advanced by LifeArc into clinical development, or have been licensed out to leading global pharmaceutical companies, including a recently announced deal in neuroscience.

As the partnership evolved from a tactical relationship into a preferred partnership, the GVK BIO team has augmented LifeArc’s internal biology efforts, by supporting biochemical assays, carrying out drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics profiling studies, and soon, will be developing cell-based assays and running protein expression and purification studies.

“It has been our privilege to have collaborated with LifeArc and its world class team of scientists that have delivered medicines such as Keytruda®, Tysabri®, and Entyvio® among others”, said Manni Kantipudi, Director and CEO of GVK BIO.

“The longevity of this partnership, and the transformative results of the collaboration, serve as a testament to the capabilities of the GVK BIO team and its commitment to work with customers to make a difference in human life. We look forward to continuing this successful relationship with LifeArc in the coming years.”

LifeArc CEO Melanie Lee said: “At LifeArc, we’re committed to translating scientific innovation to benefit patients. Our partnership with GVK BIO is a strong example of how shared goals and collaboration can create real value.” (UNI)