Zylo Digihealth offers pan India service

Zylo Digihealth offers pan India service

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Hyderabad, May 2 : Zoylo Digihealth Private Limited, a revolutionary online integrated healthcare platform with a wide network of service providers offering 360 degree coverage of healthcare services across 600 locations in India.

With over 500,000 app downloads, Zoylo is currently serving individuals across the country, allowing them to live healthily empowered by technology, a statement here said on Thursday. Zylo Digihealth Private Limited CEO Vinod Kumar Reddy said, "Our vision is to empower every single entity in the healthcare lifecycle and enable transparent communication and exchange of information among them for seamless healthcare delivery".

The cohesive ecosystem designed by Zoylo spells accuracy and efficiency in service delivery by looping healthcare, payers, patients and other users in one dynamic network.” Today an individual has access to his or her social profile, professional profile, lifestyle profile and KYC through various social media apps. But there is no system where he can access his Health Profile online, anytime, anywhere.

Zoylo is working towards its vision of creating ‘Health Profile of Individuals’ as an important element of this healthcare ecosystem that will include details of medical history, diagnosis, risk assessment and other details of an individual. Quick online access to these crucial information would enable fast, accurate and efficient treatment delivery to the user anytime.

Preventive healthcare solutions, which has always remained a thrust area of the company, is benefiting individuals with early detection of lifestyle diseases, especially NCDs like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and cancer. The solutions will help individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Online consultations will remove the barrier of distance and enable individuals in areas without specialised and super specialised doctors to consult with the best of doctors across the country and avail of their experience and advice.

The E-Pharmacy services will offer pan-India delivery of original quality medicines through a network that reaches over 25000 locations across the country. Zoylo’s corporate health card offers a one stop solution for complete wellness needs of employees, the statement added. UNI