redBus pilots Google’s AMP for email

redBus pilots Google’s AMP for email

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Bengaluru, Apr 24 : Bus ticketing platform redBus has successfully tested Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) feature, a statement here said on Wednesday. Google recently announced implementation of AMP or interactive email, for users of Gmail. AMP is a technological leap for emails, allowing them to be interactive and dynamic, as opposed to a fixed or static display of information that it used to be all these years.

The concept allows for hosting of live content on emails, triggering respondents to engage with the content without having to be redirected to another website or app, thus reducing drop-offs. The developers at redBus consider the usage of this technology to be a powerful way to create more engaging, interactive and actionable experiences on Email, enabling recipients to interact dynamically with content.

"redBus will be using AMP for the process of collecting feedback from bus travellers for rating and review of bus operators they travel with. The whole process will become a lot easier with AMP as users will complete the process without leaving their email inbox where they have been asked to review their bus travel experience. "Going forward, redBus intends to use the concept for other use-cases such as purchasing a ticket or even tracking the live location of their bus from within the ticket Email itself, greatly enhancing user experience," said Krishnan Ramaswami, Senior Vice President, Product, Analytics and, Acquisition for redBus. (UNI)