Why TikTok is banned in India

Why TikTok is banned in India


TikTok the video sharing and creating app has been banned in India. Earlier countries like Indonesia and Bangladesh have banned this controversial app. Google and Apple have been asked to take down this app from their store. The app is very popular and has millions of followers all over the world. It has also been courting controversy for some time now with the Madras High Court finally banning it within the country.

TikTok had amassed 120 million monthly users in India alone. Many unfortunate incidents in the recent past have been linked to TikTok. The latest to be reported was an incident in Delhi. A 19 year old Mohammed Salman was shot dead by his friend Suhail Malik when he was posing with a country made rifle for posting a video on TikTok. There have also been pornography concerns with regard to this particular app. In February 3 students of Tamil Nadu while riding a bike rammed into a bus. They were attempting to make a TikTok video. One of them lost his life.

Another incident that was reported from Tamil Nadu was when a man accidentally slit his throat while making a TikTok video. His actions and heavy bleeding were all recorded and it ended in a tragedy when he lost his life. Earlier this year, a man in Punjab is said to have gone under a tractor as he was making a TikTok video. Numerous such incidents have been reported in the country. All these lead to the court taking a decision of banning the video platform.