JIT - a new tool in TexTech introduced

JIT - a new tool in TexTech introduced

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New Delhi, Apr 15: Decoding the complex issue of ‘Stocking or Inventory’ in Textile industry, the Indian Beautiful Art (IBA) has introduced Just in Time (JIT) - a new tool in TexTech (Textile Technology) which will address the biggest challenge of warehousing and stock keeping.

The technology deals with the 'demand oriented production'; methodology with an objective to produce what is demanded by the market and control utilisation of natural resources along with no dumping of waste fabric or garment, IBA co-founder Nitin Kapoor said.

Mr Kapoor in a statement said, ''With ‘JIT’ there is no warehousing cost involved which is the biggest problem of all the online and offline brands. We at ‘IBA’ believe that sustainability has to be rooted in the DNA of the brand and communicated entirety to the consumer. With JIT the final cost of the output is minimal as the inputs cost is very less.'' (UNI)