‘International Women Startup Corridor’ launched in Hyderabad

‘International Women Startup Corridor’ launched in Hyderabad

Agency News

Hyderabad, Mar 31 : An International Women Startup Corridor (IWSC) to encourage more and more women entrepreneurs to take the lead worldwide was launched at a programme held here on Sunday.

The IWSC is spreading 10,000 square feet situated at the Financial District, Gachibowli here. This Women Startup Corridor will enthuse aspiring women entrepreneurs to systematically work through their venture ideas and will provide a platform to transfer knowledge on various sectors to women from various countries.

The Corridor will help women develop entrepreneurial skill sets to help them from ideation through implementation stages, as well as develop managerial approaches that will help them systematically establish their venture.

Talking to media on the occasion, Indian Economic Trade Organization (IETO) President, Dr Asif Iqbal, who is instrumental for this initiative said that the IWSC was launched in collaboration with Sadan Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad.

He said that the idea behind this initiative is to inspire Indian women to collaborate in different projects, also held by women around the world to understand each others. “They can exchange their ideas as well products through this platform where more than 23 country’s women representatives present," he added.

While 13-14 similar corridors are already present globally, this is India's first such move. Mr Iqbal said, "In India, Hyderabad is first one, the next project will start soon in Bengaluru, followed by Chennai and New Delhi."

The IETO President said that IWSC would provide mentoring and networking. "During the first phase, 800 women can start their startups in the first year," he added.

Over 180 women delegates from all over the world, especially the Asian and Arab countries took part in the event.