RFPIO to expand from 25K enterprise users to one lakh enterprise users by 2020

RFPIO to expand from 25K enterprise users to one lakh enterprise users by 2020

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Coimbatore, Mar 28 : RFPIO Inc, a city-based company, has brought the greatest innovation technology for responding to “Request for Proposals” (RFP), RFPIO’s patented cloud-based proposal management platform simplifies and automates the RFP process and makes it easier for terms to collaborate quickly to complete proposals on schedule and win business.

In a press release here on Thursday, RFPIO, CEO Ganesh Shankar said RFPIO which started 2016 here, serves customers in America and 100 other countries. The current team size is close to 4 and with the new office space it plan to double its headcount in the next 12 months.

He said responding to RFPs can be very painful process, RFPs can be many pages long with multiple and typically involve coordination of multiple teams and individuals on each side of the proposal. It often feels like an exam with no clear answers or guidance. No one likes that.

But, in light of today’s ever increasing competition and time constraints, “our product learns from past responses and recommends the best content for new questions. It also delivers a dashboard that provides visibility into the RFP process”

Mr Shankar said, “RFPIO is the only company using A1 in RFP response software. Leveraging A1 and machine learning means organizations can gain a huge competitive advantage by improving their accuracy, saving time and creating better responses to RFPs-Ultimately increase win rates and revenue.

”Our sales are currently concentrated in the United States but we intend to equalise our sales across the globe which is why we want to aggressively expand to the SEAC and the APAC regions with Coimbatore as the Worldwide hub for Sales and Development," he added.

The CEO said in July 201, RFPIO secured a Series of funding of 25 million dollars (Rs172 crores from K1 investment management which is based out of Oregon, US. RFPIO is looking at scaling the entire business, to include not just revenue and customer base growth but company expansion as well.

As the Coimbatore and Americans teams grow, our focus will on establishing a solid middle management team. Global expansion is happening as well, and are looking at options for another RFPIO office where our second largest customer base is located in Europe, he added. (UNI)