Uralungal Society to create 25,000 jobs by 2025

Uralungal Society to create 25,000 jobs by 2025


Vadakara-based Uralungal Labour Contract Cooperative Society (ULCCS) is planning to create 25,000 jobs in Kerala by 2025.

The society, one of the biggest cooperatives involved in areas such as infrastructure development, education, and Information Technology (IT) in the State, is also planning to set up a skill park in Malabar to equip youths for new jobs.

ULCCS chairman Ramesan Paleri and chief executive officer Raveendran Kasthuri in press meet claimed that ULCCS was trying to develop a new work culture in Kerala, which had been dubbed by at least some investors as an unfriendly State.

He pointed out that though the number of engineering graduates in various disciplines from the State was relatively high, most of them did not have the required skills for employment. That is why the society is planning to set up a Skill Park in Malabar in association with the National Skill Development Council to train graduates.

The society owns UL Cyber Park, the first cyber park in Kozhikode, and UL Technology Solutions, an IT company. ULCCS, a primary cooperative society, had recently got permanent membership in the International Cooperative Alliance.

The society also plans to enter into the new areas of IT such as geological information survey, block chain technology, Internet of Things, Infrastructure Management Services, and analytics. ULCCS is also trying to enter the dairy sector by setting up a plant in Kozhikode with capacity to treat up to 1,50,000 lakh litres of milk a day. Farmers from Palakkad to Kasaragod districts will be associated with the project to ensure milk availability, he added.