Hitachi launches new version of casting simulation system in India

Hitachi launches new version of casting simulation system in India

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New Delhi, Feb 28: Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd. announced the launch of its premier casting simulation system, ADSTEFAN Ver. 2019 in India.

The new system will go on sale starting from April 1, 2019 simultaneously in India, China and Southeast Asia. "ADSTEFAN Ver. 2019 is widely used in research, design, development and production divisions of companies operating in industries as diverse as social infrastructure, automobiles, transportation equipment, industrial machines and machine tools," a statement here said.

ADSTEFAN is a casting simulation system which predicts the casting defects that occur in fields related to the production of base stocks. It simulates flow of molten metals into the molds and state of solidification, which are not directly visible, and visualizes the process as three-dimensional images. With this configuration, the new system enables a decline in the number of trial manufacturers, supporting the reduction of development term and improvement of product quality.

The latest version is equipped with an in-mold gas flow analysis function for sand casting, as well as the ability to improve accuracy of existing functions and reduce time required for analysis. UNI