ITC Wills Lifestyle goes 100 pc natural; launches new identity WLS

ITC Wills Lifestyle goes 100 pc natural; launches new identity WLS

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New Delhi, Feb 7: ITC Wills Lifestyle has made the tectonic shift to 100 per cent natural and will now simply be called 'WLS'.

Building on the brand's promise of purity, quality and craftsmanship, WLS will offer authentic and real apparel whose is 100 per cent natural. From the fabric to the threads, buttons, and labels, every garment from WLS will consist of purely natural elements.

All garments will be made of cotton, linen, silk or woolen materials, and will be fully biodegradable. This approach marks the brand's stance in favour of timeless, high-quality and multi-seasonal apparel that is now gaining importance among consumers, in a world dominated by disposable garments, fast fashion and relentless consumerism.

The new brand logo, Tattva, represents the confluence of all the primary elements - earth, wind, fire, water and space. Inspired by the pristine world of nature, the logo can be interpreted to represent the progress of a bird, the stability of trees and mountains, the purity of 100 per cent cotton, and the life-sustaining power of water. The brand has been working towards this new promise through various exclusive collections over the last few seasons such as the Fabrics of India platform, elements collection and the 130s Basket Weave Blazers.

The first collection to be launched under the new brand direction is inspired by the diversity, craftsmanship and techniques of Gujarat, a region that is recognized for its remarkable aesthetic sensibility and focus on sustainable living. Every garment in the collection has been constructed using natural, timeless techniques and 100 per cent natural and biodegradable materials.

The new identity will be reflected in the brand's retail presence over the first half of 2019. (UNI)