NCML Finance Pvt ltd forays into Multipurpose Loans

NCML Finance Pvt ltd forays into Multipurpose Loans

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New Delhi, Jan 29 : NCML Finance Pvt Ltd (NFIN), the wholly owned subsidiary of National Collateral Management Services Ltd, on Tuesday announce the launch of its new product, 'Multipurpose Loans Secured by Property.'

The product envisaged by NFIN would cater to the short term & long-term financial needs of its customer who could need mixed usage of the loan facility. NFIN has been active for some time, with a strong focus on Semi-rural and agri-business finance. The focus of NFIN is to make available Multipurpose Loans in semi urban and peri urban areas.

NFIN MD & CEO Aryendra Kumar said, "We at NCML Finance are pleased to announce launch of "Multipurpose Loans secured by Property".

It is a secured product, the usage of which could be for bridging their capital need to grow the business, acquiring assets for their business or personal use which may include buying a residential or commercial property or constructing Warehouse.

The facility will be customised as per client's requirement. The tenure for these loans would be a minimum of one year and a maximum of 10 years, according to a company statement here.

NFIN also looks towards Warehouse Construction Loans, keeping in view the shortage of warehousing infrastructure across India. Warehouse construction loan offers unique proposition for customers who want to build their own warehouses/silos and avail finance at attractive terms from NFIN. (UNI)