Singapore Airlines launches world’s longest flight

Singapore Airlines launches world’s longest flight


Singapore Airlines has launched the world’s longest non stop flight of 19 hours from Singapore to New York. It has made detailed preparations for the long flight that covers 16,700 kilometres. Singapore Airlines will use the long range Airbus 350-900ULR which will carry 161 passengers. It offers no economy class.

A variety of dining options is being offered including organic dishes. 1200 hours of audio visual entertainment is also available.

The cabins have higher ceilings and larger windows. Lighting has been specially designed to make the passengers comfortable and to reduce jet lag.

Keeping oneself well hydrated and concerns of deep vein thrombosis from sitting too long are areas that need special attention during such long flights.

Two pilots, two flight officers and a 13 strong crew cabinet will be working on the flight in shifts.

The current longest direct flight is from Auckland to Doha by Qatar Airways takes 17 hours and 40 minutes.