Boiron India expands base in India

Boiron India expands base in India

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Kolkata, Oct 06: Boiron India is going to expand its presence in Indian market with 150 high potency standardised homeopathic medicines in addition to the existing 480, according to a senior official of the company.

Boiron SA(France) had entered into a JV in 1983 to form Sharada Boiron Ltd but exited the JV in 1999.

The company is reentering the Indian market through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Boiron India.

Michele Boiron, Director, Boiron France said the company was keen on starting its manufacturing unit in India as it was necessary for company's overall development here.

She said the company had "good reasons to believe this could happen in near future". Boiron has five existing production facilities outside the country.

Boiron medicines are manufactured in USFDA approved homeopathy manufacturing plants and will be available in sealed Multidose Tubes and Single Dosage Tubes. The medicines meet gold standard in homeopathy.

Prashant Surana,MD, Boiron India said the company was going to supply its medicines directly to doctors based on their demands.

" Doctors can place their orders with us and we will be able to supply their orders within as little as five days," he said.

Mr Surana said Boiron was targeting mostly the urban markets and Boiron medicines will be available in homeopathic stores as well.

Mr Surana said price would be the biggest challenge in penetrating the Indian market.

" Since our medicines are manufactured in USFDA approved manufacturing units and made available in special dosage tubes that spare skin contact, the prices are higher compared to the local medicines; this would be a challenge for us," he elaborated.

About Kolkata, Mr Surana said, the city was one of the focus metropolitans for Boiron as homeopathy was immensely popular among Bengalis.

" We want Indians to benefit from homeopathic medicines that made following standardised manufacturing processes, " he said and added that Boiron enforced strict shelf-life of 5 years for mother tinctures and dilutions.

He said all Boiron products will have ingredient labelling, indications, batch number, intelligent design, expiry dates and MRP listed on them giving patients more choice and convenience.

Boiron is present in 50 countries including France, US and Brazil. In the sub-continent, it has presence only in India. The company has registered a sales growth of 54 per cent CAGR since 2006. (UNI)