Apollo Munich launches ‘iCan’, a lifelong cancer plan

Apollo Munich launches ‘iCan’, a lifelong cancer plan

Agency News

New Delhi, Sept 26: With an estimated seven lakh Indians registered as cancer patients every year, health insurance agency Apollo Munich has come up with a new product called `iCan’ which offers a life-long coverage for cancer and comes with an annual renewal policy, even after claim.

“The plan not only covers the basic medical needs, but also provides complete financial security to the patient as well as the family (who get a percentage of the sum insured) at all stages of the disease,’’said Anthony Jacob, Chief Executive Officer of the company.

The catch is that it covers people who are healthy, not already diagnosed with cancer. Secondly, the product can be bought as an individual policy only till 65 years of age. And thirdly, it cannot be an add-on to the present policy a person holds. (UNI)