Microsoft cautions on AI

Microsoft cautions on AI


Microsoft has, in a message to investors,  cautioned that the challenges to adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solutions by customers may pose a risk to business. It further went on to say that changes to trade policy or agreements as a result of ‘populism, protectionism or economic nationalism’ may also increase the risk to businesses.

Microsoft said the ability to convert data into AI gives it the competitive advantage, but with regard to the use of AI in its offerings, it may result in reputational harm or even liability it warned.

Washington-headquartered tech giant, The Redmond with business in 200 countries, said inappropriate or controversial data practices by Microsoft or others could impair the acceptance of AI solutions.

These deficiencies could undermine the decisions, predictions, or analysis AI applications produce, subjecting the company to competitive harm, legal liability, and brand or reputational harm. It also pointed out that there could be ethical issues ranging from privacy, human rights, employment or other social issues.

Besides, the proliferation of social media may increase the likelihood, speed, and magnitude of negative brand events, it added.