World’s most expensive coffee made with Civet poop
World’s most expensive coffee made with Civet poop

World’s most expensive coffee made with Civet poop


Civet coffee is the most expensive coffee enjoyed by coffee aficionados the world over. India is the third largest producer and exporter of coffee. Here in Coorg, Karnataka this coffee is being made on a small scale. Civet coffee is a drink popular and widely consumed in the Gulf nations as well as Europe. It cost anything between Rs 20000 -25000/kg abroad.

The Civet coffee also called Luwark coffee is so expensive because of the unusual method of producing it. It is made by feeding the Civet cat on coffee beans. After ingesting it the faeces of the cat is collected, processed and then sold.

This coffee is highly priced as it is claimed to be very nutritious and the high cost involved in processing the droppings, wastage and quality certifications.

In Karnataka, Coorg Consolidated Commodities (CCC) has made a small start and began production of this luxury coffee. They also plan to start a café to serve this special brew locally.

They started producing 20kgs of this coffee two years ago as an experiment. Then production was pushed upto 60kgs and in 2015-16 they were able to produce 200kgs. It is intended to produce half a tonne from the new crop this October. If it proves a success India will be an even more popular producer of coffee.