Lisa Ray to publish memoirs with HarperCollins

Lisa Ray to publish memoirs with HarperCollins

Agency News

Kolkata, Sep 26: Lisa Ray, one of India’s first supermodels, actor, cancer survivor and new mother of twins through surrogacy, will be publishing her memoir with HarperCollins India.

The untitled memoir is an unflinching and deeply moving account of Lisa’s nomadic existence: her entry into the Indian entertainment industry, her relationship with her Bengali father and Polish mother, movie sets and the Oscars, her battle with eating disorders, being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, her spiritual quest and the heartaches and triumphs of her journey.

It is also about Lisa’s search for love.Said the actor, 'I am both nervous and excited about the publication of my memoir by HarperCollins India.Writing my story has transported me through a myriad of experiences and worlds and the emotions of a life lived close to the bone. (UNI)