Media poised for major role in future global developments
Media poised for major role in future global developments

Media poised for major role in future global developments


Media is poised to play a major role in future global developments, including the outcome of conflicts and powerful countries, with the Fourth Estate likely to call the shots and dominate the not-so-strong Nations.

A recent book, titled 'Information War: (Dis)information will Decide Future Wars,' highlights the importance of media, including newspapers, news agencies, television and social media all over the world, in any future development.

Military conflicts between various countries during the past decade have witnessed the increasing role of media, with the objective of creating an opinion among people and global leaders.

The book by Ramesh Bhan, a journalist, cites the examples of media wars between rivals United States & Russia and India & Pakistan.

In all such cases, media in all these countries has played a very crucial role in creating a public opinion and influencing and sometimes, distorting facts to the advantage of a particular country.

While developments related to the Ukraine and Crimea have seen media intervention between Russia and the United States, Kashmir has been the focus of media campaign between India and Pakistan. The book gives examples of media intervention, aiming to influence the public opinion in all these countries.

The 200-page book also highlights the growing realisation among the terrorist groups like Daesh and Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM) about the media in furthering their aims and objectives.

It also mentioned how US President Donald Trump has also been the target of a Disinformation campaign of his own country's media. According to the book, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al Assad have been special targets of the powerful US media, assisted at times by the European media.