Bihar: Corona fear psychosis posing more threat to migrants than Corona itself

Bihar: Corona fear psychosis posing more threat to migrants than Corona itself

Agency News

Patna, May 26 : It appears that Corona fears psychosis has gripped the migrants so terribly that it has proved to be more threatening to their lives than the coronavirus itself. It could easily be seen on the faces of a large number of migrants who are taking life risks to return to their homes by travelling on the rooftop of buses in Bihar.

A large number of migrants coming from Mumbai in a special train, appeared to have lost all their alertness and understanding of precautions required to be taken to avoid any possibility of getting infected with the virus. Anyone could be surprised to see the large number of migrants hurriedly riding on the rooftop of the buses in their desperation to reach homes after a long trail of harrowing experiences in lockdown enforced due to Corona pandemic.

A large number of buses were parked in Danapur Railway station premises to carry the migrants to their homes but still, it fell short of requirements. A total of 125 migrants boarded a bus having a capacity of only 52 passengers. Those could not find even standing space inside the bus, hurriedly set themselves on the rooftop of the bus. When asked, a migrant coming from Mumbai, Rajesh Samsi replied from the rooftop of the bus, that he was aware of the danger involved in travelling this way but after a long trail of sufferings and having covered a distance of thousands of kilometres, he has lost all patience and could not wait till arrangement of another bus to reach home.

"My family members in Biraul village in Darbhanga district were deeply concerned about me due to large scale spread of Coronavirus infection in Maharashtra '', Rajesh said adding that he was working as a driver in Nagpur of Maharashtra. During the lockdown, all his savings were exhausted and he was left with no option to return to his home. (UNI)