NIkah via video conference

NIkah via video conference


Bihar was put under lockdown on Sunday till March 31 in a bid to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus in the state. The lockdown order came hours after the state reported its first coronavirus-related death.

Amid the lockdown, a couple got married via video conference on Monday and a video of the 'nikah' shows family and friends of the bride gathered in a room. On a screen, the groom and his family are connected via video call.

It is captioned, 'Bihar: 'Nikah' of a couple was performed through video conferencing in Patna yesterday, amid lockdown in the state due to #COVID19.'

The video has gone viral, garnering over 7,400 views. One user said, 'Modern problems require modern solutions.'

Another quipped, 'Agar Kabool Hai Se Pehle Server Down Hua To Kya Hoga?' Someone wrote, 'Reception bhi aise kar lena phir paise hi paise bachenge...'