British followed 'divide and rule', Modi following 'divert and rule': Kanhaiya

British followed 'divide and rule', Modi following 'divert and rule': Kanhaiya

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Patna, Feb 22 : CPI leader and former president of JNSU Kanhaiya Kumar today accused Narendra Modi government of following policy of "divert and rule", a new version of "divide and rule", which was earlier used by British to rule the country. Mr Kanhaiya told media persons here that during his "Jan Gan Man" yatra, he got the opportunity to see ground realities in different parts of the state and it was abundant clear that government should work for providing jobs to youths, redressal of grievances of farmers and alleviation of poverty.

It was painful to note that no effort was visible in this direction, either at state level or at the Centre, he pointed out. "A large number of youths of Bihar have migrated to other states in search of jobs and livelihood and the trend is still on as they are not getting opportunity in their home state," CPI leader said adding that concrete steps were not being taken to solve problem of unemployment by the government, both at the state level and at the Centre. Centre and state have the joint responsibility to frame policies which could create job opportunities for youths, he felt.

"It appears that Narendra Modi government has adopted formula of 'divert and rule' which is new version of 'divide and rule' earlier adopted by British to rule the country," Mr Kumar said adding that CAA, NRC and NPR were all an attempt of the the government to divert the attention of people from main issues like poverty and unemployment. Government would not be allowed to dump the core issues for sticking to power, he warned and added that present dispensation at the Centre had no concern for the common man and it was only indulged to stoke one controversy after the other for political gains.(UNI)