Bihar Legislative Council adjourned due to pandemonium over lathi charge

Agency News

Patna, Nov 25: The pre-lunch session of Bihar Legislative Council was adjourned ahead of its scheduled time on Monday when members of the main opposition party, RJD and its ally Congress created ruckus in the house over police lathi charge during state Congress's ‘Jan Vedana March’ in the state capital yesterday.

As soon as working Chairman Haroon Rashid occupied the chair, Congress member Prem Chandra Mishra raised the issue through adjournment motion. Mr Mishra said that state Congress had taken out ‘Jan Vedana’ march in the state capital as per its pre scheduled programme but police personnel resorted to baton charge, lobbed tear gas shells and used water cannons for no reason demonstrating police persecution in its worst form.

The Congress member said that police personnel without any provocation had used water cannons and lobbed tear gas shells on Congress leaders and workers when their peaceful march, which had started from state Congress headquarters Sadaquat Ashram was about to reach Pant Bhawan, Boring Road after passing through various routes of the state capital. He said, police had mercilessly baton charged Congress leaders and workers even when they had not crossed beyond police barricading. (UNI)