Kovind opens Shanti Stupa festivities

Kovind opens Shanti Stupa festivities

Agency News

Rajgir, Oct 25 :  President Ram Nath Kovind on Friday said peace was a necessity for development.

Inaugurating a ceremony to commemorate the golden jubilee of the Vishwa Shanti Stupa here, he quoted Lord Buddha as saying, ''Natthi santiparam sukham" meaning there was no bliss greater than peace.

The President said peace was a necessary pre-condition to development, adding that the essence of the Buddha’s preaching emphasised peace within as precondition to attain peace outside.

"Spirituality, peace and development reinforce each other. Conflict, turmoil and under development feed upon each other," he remarked.

Mr Kovind said, "The solemn objective of every participant in the function should be to promote peace and harmony as potent means to reduce poverty and conflict"..