Forced Resettlement’: But harbinger of happiness

Forced Resettlement’: But harbinger of happiness

Agency News

Nanning, Aug 30 : The story of a 47-year-old Nongyelin could have been from anywhere else - somewhere in Bihar in India or even in Myanmar or Colombo --- where extreme poverty and suffering would drive him out of home and native place.

The story is certainly more than mere emotion. In China, the helpless 'humble farmer' did not really lose home -- he got one and perhaps a better one than earlier. A well organised scheme run with community involvement and with the support of various stakeholders including private manufacturing or construction units -- the likes of Nongyelin have jobs too. So, there are smiles!

"Without government intervention and shifting to this place; my position would have been very bad today," Nongyelin on Thursday said while trying to emphasise before a visiting Indian journalist that his decision to move out from native place to fight poverty was voluntary.

Well this could be half truth but thanks to China's acclaimed Zhendong Centralized Resettlement scheme -- millions have changed their lives. Under the scheme, a whopping 1.8 billion Yuan (Chinese currency equivalent to Rs 19 lakh crore) has been invested in the under developed Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for poverty alleviation programmes.

Three major Resettlement programmes- in localities-- Hexin Jiayuan, Dongsenyuefu and Changtai Mingcheng were undertaken. Besides pucca houses, requirements such as school, community public centre and health facilities have been ensured.

In fact, local Chinese communist party leader Gan Jinlong said that houses were also given based on family numbers. So, a poor family who has been relocated and has three children and couples were given three room flats. An estimated 6000 houses were resettled and the programme helped over 24,400 poor people directly.

"Well, my house is smaller than these three room flats," says a Chinese foreign ministry official who was accompanied by visiting journalists from India and Nepal to a portion of Hexin JiaYuan Resettlement area. "We have actively carried out employment services, implemented the entrepreneurship in incentive policy and extensively carried out the skills training programme," says Gan Jinlong.

Answering questions, he said over 13,200 relocated people with working capacity and 8,997 have been ensured of stable employment. "A large number of work in nearby garment factories wherein on average these people can earn over 3000 Yuan monthly income”, Mr Jinlong clarifies that the houses provided under Resettlement scheme is not all free as the beneficiaries had to make one time but nominal and concessional rate of amount.

"Free things would not work....that is human psychology. When they make payment whatever small amount as decided by the authorities, the sense of belonging comes and someone starts cherishing dignity of labour as well," says a local resident and a teacher in the locality. (UNI)