Sushil Modi defends ‘movie-watching’ during Bihar flood

Sushil Modi defends ‘movie-watching’ during Bihar flood

Agency News

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi on Friday defended his role of watching Hrithik Roshan’s movie ‘Super 30’ as a minister.

Sushil Modi had drawn flak for watching movie while the state was reeling under floods. A candid Sushil Modi said that he watched the movie twice, and only because it was 'based on Bihar' or else it would've been an 'unjust' to the film and actors.

Sushil Modi also stated that he had asked all the BJP MLAs to watch the film and that the ally JD(U) MLAs were unhappy for not being invited.

“The government is taking care of the flood-affected people and they are showing as if I had to go and sit in the floodwaters. I don't care whatever they show, and I knew it, it will happen. They are following people and asking, tell us whether Sushil Modi is right or wrong. The Chief Minister had done an aerial survey. Let them mock and make fun of us,” Modi said.

Around 25 lakh people have been displaced in 16 districts of Bihar reeled under floods due to the rise in water levels in rivers and water released from Nepal's Kosi barrage. Media widely criticized Modi for watching and appreciating Hrithik Roshan starrer 'Super 30' when the flood situation in the state turned hopeless. After the meeting between Hrithik Roshan and Deputy Chief Minister, Bihar government has also declared the tax-free benefit for the movie ‘ Super 30’, which is based on the life of educationist Anand Kumar, who hailed from Bihar runs the Super 30 programme for IIT-JEE aspirants from poor families.