JD(U) defends Bihar Dy CM Sushil Modi’s Movie-watching

JD(U) defends Bihar Dy CM Sushil Modi’s Movie-watching

Agency News

JDU leader Pavan Varma brazenly defended Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi who had caught up in a controversy for watching Hrithik Roshan’s movie ‘Super 30’ while the State was reeling under severe flood situation.

“There is nothing wrong in watching a movie if the minister spends rest of his time in working for the people,” said Pavan Varma.

“Super 30 is a film that inspires Biharis. It is a film about a person who has send children from marginalised bcakgrounds to best of institutes. Why I call this is superficial criteria, if you are having a meal, does that mean you are not feeling for those who are temporarily deprived of meal due to floods. If you have a glass of clean water does that mean that people who may not at this moment,” said Pavan Varma.

“Sushil Modi as deputy CM should be judged by what he is doing for floods. Rather than he watched a film for two hours that inspires every student of Bihar," he said.