Lalu-Nitish verbal duel intensifies before last phase of election

Lalu-Nitish verbal duel intensifies before last phase of election

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Patna, May 13 : Ahead of last round of Lok Sabha election, RJD chief Lalu Prasad today hit back at Chief Minister and JD (U) president Nitish Kumar for allegedly mocking the symbol of his party, lantern and asserted what one could expect from a leader who had ‘arrow, a symbol of violence' as its party symbol.

Taking to his official Facebook account, Mr Prasad while castigating Mr Kumar for his repeated statements on lantern during election meetings said that the era of ‘arrow’ had really come to an end.

Mr Yadav said, “Why are you saying arrow so many times in the era of missiles. The phase of arrow is now over. Arrow will be on display in museums only. Lantern will be seen burning everywhere and will be found burning with more glow as you have pierced ‘treacherous’ dagger into backs of 11 crore poor people. Now it is up to you whether you pierce arrow into the flower growing in mud (lotus-symbol of BJP) or you hide it (arrow)”.

"Listen younger brother Nitish, it appears your hatred against light has increased of late. Entire day, you keep chanting Lalu and his flame ‘lalten’ (lantern). You do not know, lantern is synonym for light. ‘Lantern’ is symbol of love and brotherhood. An equipment for removing problems from lives of the poor", he commented.
He said, "I have chased away darkness of inequity, hatred, atrocity and injustice through the light of lantern and would continue to do so. Your party symbol, arrow is a weapon for spreading violence. It is synonym for violence”. (UNI)