Assam stir may yield new political party

Assam stir may yield new political party

Agency News

The protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) in Assam may be ended in the genesis of a new political party to safeguard the interests of the State.

The new political party will be branched out of a student’s union is considered as a brand new political phenomenon according to political pundits. It was popular singer Zubeen Garg who first suggested the idea of forming a new political party. Soon, AASU president Dipanka Nath seconded him saying, "We are now thinking in that direction". He also informed that the new idea is being discussed with Silpi Samaj (artists' forum).

"AASU will remain apolitical. But in the interest of the people, along with Silpi Samaj we are ready to go in the direction of forming a new party," Nath said.

The All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) has hinted the wish of forming a new regional political party.

Some are calling the move AGP 2.0, a reference to how leaders of the AASU and other organisations batting for the rights of the indigenous people had formed the Asom Gana Parishad in 1985 after the end of the six-year Assam Agitation for deporting foreigners. The AASU had spearheaded that agitation.

The AGP, which defeated the Congress in the 1985 Assembly polls to be in power, is now a ruling ally of the BJP. The protesters view the AGP as “traitors” for supporting the BJP on the CAA.

“The situation in Assam today demands a political alternative formed with people who love the State and can protect the land and Assamese culture and language,” AASU president Dipanka Kumar Nath said.

“We are exploring how best to go about a political alternative that will have no truck with the AGP and the BJP as well as the Congress. The AGP betrayed the people by backing the CAA, the BJP wants to rehabilitate the very immigrants it had vowed to eject ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls while the Congress is only interested in vote-bank politics, particularly with the migrant Muslims,” Mr. Nath said.