ULFA (I) criticises Art 370 abrogation; calls boycott of I-Day

ULFA (I) criticises Art 370 abrogation; calls boycott of I-Day

Agency News

Guwahati, Aug 11: The outlawed, separatist ULFA (I) on Sunday criticized the abrogation of Article 370, without allegedly the consent of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, as an undemocratic act, and expressed apprehension that such unilateral decisions could be imposed on North East region by the Narendra Modi-led government.

In a statement emailed to media here to call for 'boycott' of Independence Day, the ULFA ( I) said, “Recent outrageous events of abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution and bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir without the consent of the people of the state show India’s arrogance and blatant disregard for democratic principles.”

“Underhand dealings of shutting down the state machinery and house arrest of prominent leaders clearly portend the kind of dirty policies that would be applied to the people of Northeast also,” it added.  The statement further claimed that Northeast was 'becoming forcibly a part of the Hindutwa empire' and urged the people of the region to 'fight tooth and nail' 'RSS-BJP's ideology of one nation, one religion and one language'.

Reiterating its resolve to fight against 'colonial' invasion of India of North East, the outfit, along with a conglomerate of militant groups of Manipur 'CorCom', called for 'boycott’ of Independence Day celebration.

The outfits also called for a general strike on August 15 from 0130 hours to 1830 hours, though exempting emergency services, religious practices and media from the strike. (UNI)