A tiger in bedroom

A tiger in bedroom


A royal Bengal tiger chose a room in a shop for shelter when its habitat, Kaziranga National Park , Assam, got flooded and became not habitable. The world went crazy after the Wildlife Trust India tweeted a picture of the tiger calmly sleeping on the bed inside a shop, located in Harmoti, near Bagori range of Kaziranga in Nagaon District.

When the Kaziranga National Park had been submerged the tiger wandered off from the Park in search of a safe shelter near its original habitat, off the national highway.

In a series of tweets, the Wildlife Trust India informed the nature lovers on Twitter the story of the tiger moving in search of a safe place, away from the flood fury and better climes. The Trust activists also shared various interesting pictures too.

While veterinarian Dr Samshul Ali was busy formulating a plan with the Assam Forest Department to tranquilise the tiger to move it away from human habitat, P. Sivakumar, Director Kaziranga National Park , said that a rescue team was also exploring ways to find a safe passage to send it back to a safer natural surrounding.