Artist: Parul Golchha Ranka
Artist: Parul Golchha Ranka
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Parul Golchha Ranka - the meditative artist

Divya Menon

Divya Menon

Talking to Parul Golchha Ranka, the brilliant and charming artist from Pune, who is one of India's most sought after female artists with an international presence, few things catch you unawares –the hugely palpable element of peace that appears to emanate from her and permeate the conversation! With absolutely no airs of being exceedingly talented, she is humble and beautiful inside out, as they say – in a state of perfect balance at many levels.

Browsing through her magnificent portfolio, one comes across the great Buddha, in so many different moods, colours and textures. Is it Buddha’s magic that has rubbed off on her persona or is it her inherent state of perpetual tranquility that has drawn her towards the Buddha, her favourite muse – one wonders! For so many years now, artists and sculptors across the world have manifested the Buddha in so many different forms, styles and dimensions at the tips of their brushes and pens, through their imagination and inventiveness and Parul is no exception. She says, “For me, the Buddha represents the perfect state of inner calm and awareness and I find peace and bliss when I paint the Master.”

But it is not just the Master, but Parul has been painting different subjects for years now and many of these are conceptual series that deal with complex subjects revolving around the human mind and the transient life.

One of her notable shows was a 52 works series titled “The Warmth of the Womb” that carry works on life and meditation which was held last June. Speaking about the works in this series, she explained, “We are caught between whirlpools of emotions and it is not just events and emotions but memories too when clubbed together that give us the energies we have as a person. Emotions and experiences are interrelated to one another...these are some of the thoughts that led to the creation of the painting titled Whirlpool of Emotions”.

Another painting titled “Emotional Anchor” where several stones are shown stacked one above the other appearing to reach heavenwards deals with the subtle truth, that, man forever seeks emotional anchors in his earth-bound relationships. However, spiritually speaking, it is only God or the power above man that keeps him grounded and hard as a pillar. The painting serves as a reminder to all those wandering souls lost in the drama that life is, to stay connected to this supreme force to wade through the rough waters of life.

Born in Katni, in Madhya Pradesh, she completed her studies from the Nagpur University and obtained a post-graduate degree from Bhopal. She has always been passionate about painting from as early as she can remember. Being a highly creative person, she has always been dabbling in art, designing and other creative pursuits. Her first art exhibition was held in 2011 in Varanasi where she was awarded the third prize in painting by Akhil Bhartiya Vyas Mahotsava in Banaras. In 2016, She went on to win the Katni City Merit Woman Artist Award in Kalanad 2016 and in 2017 she won yet another award instituted by the Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation in Mumbai. Her first solo exhibition was held at the Triveni Kala Sangam in New Delhi in 2019.

In 2016, Parul along with Nona Khanna, another international artist from India, formed "Artreion, the ultimate Art Hub" – an Organization that aims to save artists from the hassles they face in showcasing and selling their art works. At minimal charges, the organization promotes artists and helps market their work, and also supports to organize national and international art events and Artreion has already organized several shows within India and abroad.

Parul Golchha, the peaceful and meditative artist is currently working on her upcoming exhibition – a mask show themed “Nari Shakti”, a contemporary show on woman empowerment due to be held in February and soon after that in April, she hopes to be part of a group show in Pune, titled VIBGYOR, Strokes of Rainbow Hues.

Her greatest inspirations have been her family and finds that each person within her family has played a very important role in carving the person and the artist she is today. She says, “My mother taught me to be strong and my father taught me to work hard towards my goal. My little brother helps preserve the child like character in me and my husband has been a huge source of support and encouragement. I also have very close friends who have shown me the worth of relationships".