India Art Fair 2020
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India Art Fair 2020

Divya Menon

Divya Menon

India Art Fair 2020 - the 12th edition of India’s largest exhibition of contemporary art has just ended in Delhi, once again marking India's place globally as a key player in both the aesthetics and the business of art. The Fair directed by Jagdip Jagpal gifted art lovers and connoisseurs many memorable displays and experiences.

On offer were interactive installations, film screenings, workshops, fresh artist programmes, lifestyle space and performance art by Lagos based multimedia artist Jelili Atiku’s Nobody is Born Wise. Andy Warhol's BMW Art Car was also another major attraction at the Fair this year.

Blending LED light installations and audio excerpts of poetry of Henry Louis Vivan Derozio and Mahmoud Darwish, Achia Anzi created Colonial Times (2019) - a surreal experience that manifested newer dimensions to the experience that poetry is.

Talking about colonial times, and defunct spaces was Kolkata based Rathin Barman’s Defunct Architectural Spaces, a concept drawn from buildings of the colonial era, that are currently functionally dead. The project that packed in drawings and objects was a study on the relationship between these spaces and their current inhabitants.

Capturing people and the various booths at the Fair and then exhibiting them as a live photography project was Martin Parr's Photoink 2020.

Speaking about outdoor projects, while Vijay pichumani's sculptural installations brpught out the gravity of water scarcity, Girjesh Kumar"s installations chronicled the horror of demolished homes and the memories trapped within their bricks.

Running in parallel, collaterals like MATERIOLOGY 2.0 that brings together a group of 12 designers comprising of both Indian and international artists like Matteo Cibic, Shroff and others on six installations in response to the question What happens when yesterday becomes tomorrow, curated by Amit Gupta and Pramiti Madhavji, runs from Feb 1 to 22 at the Stir Gallery.

At the Fair 2020 participation from international galleries like Grosvenor Gallery London and PSM Berlin and others added several layers of global appeal to the Fair and drew large crowds.

Researched write-up. Credits: various online sources.