Fluid flows the art - Shruby Puthran
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Fluid flows the art - Shruby Puthran

Divya Menon

Divya Menon

From filling colouring books at the age of 4 with a splash of colours guided by her mother, creating her first meaningful drawing of Barbie, a stint with photography followed by becoming an interior designer to creating abstractions and fluid art that leave viewers awestruck, Shruby Puthran’s journey in art has been literally a process of self-discovery.

Leaving Kuwait for Oman at the age of 15 with her family was a major change that she wasn’t ready for at the time but one that ignited the creative spark within her. Leaving a country that had long been home and comfort zone, finding resonance in a newer environment all came with their share of challenges. The migration to Oman created emptiness within, a void that left her largely lost and confused.  In an attempt to fill this chasm, she turned to painting and over time art became her major escape route that rekindled her spirit.  This was the cardinal moment when she realized that making art was akin to life, more than a passion.  At the same time, life in the spectacularly beautiful country of Oman made her a photographer and she would go around taking pictures all day, come home and paint the captures on canvas and she went on to paint huge canvasses, often two to three per day.

Eight years ago, she moved once again and this time to Mumbai to pursue higher education in Interior Designing inspired by the floor plans and models that she found in her mother’s architectural office in Oman.  However, what awaited her in Mumbai were very different setbacks that eventually carved and shaped her into the individual she is today.

Mumbai is an amazing place with an extraordinary spirit about it.  Life in this city is one that drowns many human voices in its din.  However, despite all the chaos, there is a certain rhythm to life here – a music of a different sort.  Looking closely into the lines on Shruby’s fluid art, one spots in her works a reflection of this strange camaraderie between peace and chaos that is characteristic of life in this throbbing city. With hues that run smoothly from one end to the other, often blending with one another, occasionally breaking away  giving birth to newer hues, newer dimensions, her fluid art has a mysterious quality about it. At times, these free flowing lines appear to be like rivers that have suddenly gone amuck or clouds that have burst forth in the sky; at other times one finds deep ravines that seem to hide in their depth great secrets of the universe! Her works that may very well identify with an artist’s rendition of space appear to be in a state of perpetual motion and one cannot resist falling in love with their form and dynamism. To some these works may seem representative of the alternating states of order and disorder that take birth in man and to others they may just be a careless splash of hues. Regardless of how they are perceived, the energy of these creations is simply palpable manifesting in an experience that often extends beyond the canvas.  If the colours mesmerize, the curves and lines have a psychedelic effect, the charm of which one can only succumb to!  Each piece is unique and there is nothing called replication in the dictionary of this young artist who plans every creation. However she admits, "There is a 1% chance that my fluid art does not follow my plan"!

Recollecting a bitter first exhibition moment, she says, “Most people maintain diaries of their daily experiences; I do the same just that I paint my daily experiences and therefore my paintings are my personal diaries and I do not like them being evaluated for their worth”.  She adds, “People do not take art seriously and think that artists paint to make money but that’s not always true.  I do not paint to make money but I paint for myself, to feel good”.  The feeling of sitting down with colours surrounded by brushes and canvasses is the ultimate meditative moment for this artist who shuts herself off from the pandemonium of the external world by immersing in the art.

Shruby is at the moment preparing to conduct a workshop on fluid art and hopes that more people will be drawn towards art for she strongly believes that art has only made her a better and more complete person.

She says that the journey has undoubtedly been crazy and there have been innumerable ups and downs but at the end of it she has been able to find herself and the true calling of life in art and to that extent, the trials have been rewarding.  Her greatest inspiration has been her artist mother Sujatha Puthran who guided her daughter into art, watching over her closely while she made baby steps into the world of colours and now with pride when she is slowly winning over the world with her brilliant strokes.