Priya Perumpilavil    Image courtesy: Sathi R.V. 
Priya Perumpilavil    Image courtesy: Sathi R.V. 
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Life’s designs - Priya Perumpilavil

Divya Menon

Divya Menon

One of the greatest entertainment moguls of all times, Walt Disney was born with a talent to draw and eventually he went on to open his own animation company that continues to bring to our homes, at our finger tips, entertainment at its visual best. Perhaps famous American Artist Andy Warhol couldn't have been more right when he said that being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.

A few years ago a sprightly IT professional from Calicut upon her return after a nine years stint in Dubai, exhibited her mural works at an exhibition organized by Sanghachitra Calicut.  This show turned out to be the turning point in the life of Priya Perumpilavil, married to an IT Specialist Padmakumar and the mother of two, who had until then never shown her works anywhere despite having been mentored in art by her friend Smitha while in Dubai. At the Show, her works were hugely appreciated and inspired by the acclaim she received, she began participating in all exhibitions conducted by Sanghachitra and soon became a familiar face in the regional art circuit.

It was around this time, upon suggestions from friends that she decided to integrate her mural art from canvas onto clothes and went on to start a Facebook page called MuralPriya to exhibit her works online.  This caught the attention of art connoisseurs and fashionistas alike and the rest is history. She enrolled as the student of Satheesh Thayyat to master the intricacies of mural making and simultaneously began designing murals that capture moments and characters from mythology.

She is currently pursuing an art course at the OISCA International Calicut Chapter.  While her earliest designs were depicted on the traditional Kerala Sari, her artistry slowly evolved to works on apparels like frocks, shirts, skirts and so on.  In a span of a handful of years she employed a number of artists to cater to mounting orders pouring in from different corners of the world and today with the festival season just around the corner, Priya is hard to catch.

Her journey from obscurity to popularity is nothing less than an adventure that  spans three different arenas from the world of technology to art and then business!

So what drives this artist business woman - the satisfaction of providing employment to a number of lesser known artists whilst also upholding traditional values and art from the land she comes. She dreams big, has high hopes for her art which is bound to leave footprints in the world of art with time.

Some people chase art to complete their life and some others are chosen by art in the design of life!

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