Luca Candidi-The Modern Impressionist
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Luca Candidi-The Modern Impressionist

Divya Menon

Nature is at once both, the greatest artist and muse; having said that, nature is also an incomparable piece of art.

The bond between nature and man is sacred and has a long history that lies scattered across several dimensions and layers, invoking distinct emotions of love, fear, mystery, awe and so on. Therefore, there is little surprise in that the artist in man has always been drawn towards nature. The early man depicted nature in his cave drawings and so does the modern man, albeit in a variety of forms and styles.

Luca Candidi-The Modern Impressionist

In 2018, in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm El Sheikh 35 artists from across the world came together at the International Symposium of Painting where they collaborated with one another, in an atmosphere of intense artistic exchange of thoughts, styles and processes, thereby creating masterpieces during a ten days program.

During the Symposium, three paintings brought to the viewer’s proximity, reduced the line between truth and art to a crumble. The beautiful Sinai desert, the spell-binding Pyramids of Giza and an Italian Sunset by renowned Italian artist Luca Candidi, stunned the viewers who found themselves gripped by the magnificence of the Pyramids, the vastness of the desert, the silence of the sunset, and, as they grappled against the urge to dip hands into the frame to feel, the frothy waves or the warmth of the shore kissed by waves and light alike, several statements were made!

Luca, the creator of these works found the Egyptian desert to be “evocative and in a state of continuous evolution with a succession of red rock and white sand”, and the Pyramids of Giza a ‘moving, majestic experience. He is a man deeply in love with nature and his talent to literally recreate the texture and mood of nature is unparalleled.

Luca Candidi-The Modern Impressionist

Born in Villalba di Guidonia (Rome, Italy) in the August of 1969, Luca is a self-taught artist who attained his degree from the National Institute for Cinema and Television as a cartoonist. Until 2008, he worked both as an animator and a scenographer while beginning to do portraits. However, in no time, he was drawn towards the magic of landscapes and nature and found himself using oil, acrylic and pastel to recreate the natural spaces that he so instinctively felt a part of. He says, “When I started painting 30 years ago, I depicted different subjects from figure to nature but realized that landscapes reflect the person that I am and my artistic leanings”. One, to never use aggressive colours , the hallmark of this artist lies in the mild tones he employs to create a strong contrast between light and shadow. His study of the works of great masters like Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro led him onto becoming an impressionist, however, his exposure to the works of Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot and William Turner, in his own words ‘dimmed the strong hues of Impressionism to create a more romantic atmosphere’. He therefore calls himself a modern impressionist!

Talking about his journey as a creator of nature on a seemingly parallel track he says that the professional painter in him and the person he is constantly try to influence one another until they become one single entity. As a painter, he tries to incorporate the emotions of the person he is and makes an attempt to recreate the beauty and serenity of nature that he finds irresistible. It is not complicated at all, for painting is an essential part of him, a necessity just like eating and sleeping and it is simply impossible to separate the artist from the person. Perhaps this explains why he does not require any kind of inspiration for it is all a transaction between the natural space around him and him.

Luca does not think about tomorrow. He neither plans the future nor builds his expectations, for life can change its direction in a moment. He believes it is important to allow people to lead their lives as they choose to with complete freedom; following certain rules - said and unsaid, to ensure a smooth journey without disturbing the lives of others!

This Artist has received many accolades but he considers the Sharm El Sheikh International Painting Symposium of 2018 as the most important experience as an artist for it gave him the opportunity to grow and evaluate himself as a world artist.

Luca Candidi-The Modern Impressionist

He currently lives and works out of his studio in Valmontone in Rome but believes that the current times offer a world of possibilities through the incredible media network we have today and hence one can be known as a painter anywhere; nevertheless, it is ability that makes all the difference in a world full of artists.

So does nature require a spokesperson? Perhaps yes, for if the early man feared nature, the modern man is fearless and has directed his aggressive traits towards the very nature he was born into. He has sowed disaster and destruction in nature and abused her with his indiscriminate actions. It has therefore become imperative that man speaks up for nature against his own oppressive ways. Observing the paintings of Luca Candidi, one can only hope and wish that more talent take to the representation of nature.  Perhaps Luca’s paintings and the works of others like him, will serve to remind mankind of the sublimity of nature; the need to conserve her and this is exactly the mission of the life of Luca Candidi!