British Council launches content to keep children busy amid COVID-19 lockdown
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British Council launches content to keep children busy amid COVID-19 lockdown

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Kolkata, Apr 9: Amidst the lockdown and social distancing measures during COVID-19, British Council has developed special content that parents and kids can use to learn English and a few other activities be engaged through different fun based activities.

This involves revision of schoolwork using LearnEnglish Kids which has lots of activities related to common topics that children study at school, and most of the pages are designed for children to work through independently. Keeping in contact with school friends can help children feel less isolated.

Ask your child to challenge a friend over a chat or video call. If they can call them and speak English, even better! Crafts are fun to make, and following our videos or instructions in English helps children learn at the same time. The tasks developed include the activities which use very basic materials that can be available at home.

The How to … videos show children how to make or do something, with online or printable exercises that children can complete independently to check their understanding. Parents can ask their children to choose a video, complete the exercises and then make or do what the video showed! Lots of craft activities have printable templates. Children can choose a craft and make it.

Then they can use it to practise English. For example, if they make a skeleton, ask them to tell you or write the names of all the body parts they know in English. If they make a crocodile puppet, pretend to have a conversation with the crocodile! Younger children especially will enjoy making flashcards and colouring pictures. Choose a topic your child has studied at school and print out the materials for them. Ask them to make the flashcards or read and colour the picture.

If they make flashcards, they can also play the memory game with another member of the family. There are lots of ways to revise and extend vocabulary at home using the content. LearnEnglish Kids has got lots of picture-word matching games on many different topics. Each game has audio, so children can also practise pronunciation. Ask your child to play three games of their choice and to write and draw the words that they didn't know before in a notebook.

Songs and stories are also great for extending children's vocabulary. Our songs and stories have vocabulary games for children to play before they watch the video, to help them learn new words. Ask your child to choose one song and one story and play the preparation game. When they watch the video, they can stand up when they hear the words that were in the game.

Ask your child to look in their school English book and choose five words from each unit they have studied so far, or words from activities they have done on LearnEnglish Kids. Ask them to make mini word cards by writing the words on small pieces of paper. Put the words in a bag. Every day, for example after dinner, take out five words and ask your child to: spell the words, define the words, translate the words, draw the words, tell a simple story using the words! Give your child some blank sticky notes and ask them to go round the house and label everything. UNI